"Come! Sit down! It's a hearty apartment-cooked meal!"

Our food is honest-to-goodness stuff – straightforward recipes with outstanding taste. How do we do it? Every day, our chefs select and prepare freshly the best quality ingredients available. Greens are tastier. Meats are juicier. Seafood has that extra bounce. Herbs are more aromatic. Cakes are moist. The bread, crusty on the outside and so soft underneath. We could wax on for quite a bit more.

"Food that's fun to eat"

But there's other stuff to talk about. Besides the taste factor, the meals at the Apartment are nourishing and well-balanced, just like how mom cooks 'em. And way more affordable than the nosh at some of those uppity eating places around town – eh-hem! So dig in! Eat with your hands, dip into that sauce, and remember to save some space for dessert!

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